Time Capsule

Help Carbon County Sheltered Stories create a Covid-19 digital time capsule! All Carbon County residents are encouraged to submit their memories and experiences during the pandemic. Traditionally, time capsules contain objects and information intended to communicate with future people and inform historians. Instead of burying a container of objects, we are creating a resource to be archived digitally!

What to Contribute


  • Celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries that were unique. Did your community have birthday car parades or make special signs?
  • Milestones like graduations, weddings, or proms that took place online or at a unique location.
  • Being social while social distancing. Did you visit an elder in care? Talk through a window or find another way to communicate? How did you maintain your relationships while maintaining distance?
  • Did you explore nature? Carbon County has many beautiful places to bike, hike, or take in natural scenery. Did you snap a picture of wildlife in your community?
  • Daily life--share a photo of your work from home space, your child's home classroom, or another way you reinvented your space such as creating a home gym or space for a new hobby.
  • Artwork you created during quarantine. Did this time spark your creativity?
  • Important objects--masks, gloves, sanitizer, PPE, etc. What do they mean to you?

Make sure to include a written description with your photos so future generations will understand the significance.


  • A journal entry of you thoughts, a poem, letter, or short story
  • Memorialize a loved one. Share you remembrance of someone you lost during quarantine whose life you'd like to celebrate.
  • Thank a special person. A volunteer, community leader, or teacher who helped you or your family through tough circumstances.

You can write digitally directly in the submission form or upload a file.

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